productions to date.


The Refuge "Son For A Son" 

2016 (Short Narrative) Director - David Whitlow

DP - Brent Christy

2nd AC


Directors Ben Sliker & Matthew Bumby

2016 (Short Narrative) DP - Brent Christy

1st AC

La Storia Productions "Hendrick Motor Sports, Randy Dorton Engine Builder Showdown"

2016 (Live Event) DP - RC Walker

1st AC/Relief Cam

Caravan Cinema Co. "Outcast BTS" 

2016 (Interviews/BTS) DP - Bernardo Marentes

Grip and Camera Assistant

Carolina Productions "FOX Sports, Race Hub. Matt Tifft Interview"

2016 (Interview) Director/DP - Dave Svenson

Camera Assistant

Chatham Light Media "Pat Mccrory RGA Charlotte"

2016 (Political Spot) Directed by Doug McAuliffe


"Making Friends"

2016 (Short) Directed by David Sniadecki

DP/ Colorist

Caravan Cinema Co. "J.Cole Concert, ft. Big Sean. Special Guests Drake & Jay Z"

2015 (Live recording) Director - Scott Lazes

JIB (Crane) 1st AC  

Caravan Cinema Co."Socialtopias Opener"

2014 (Promo) Directed by Jon Muedder/Bernardo Marentes


La Storia "Compact Power Commercial Video Campaign" 

2014 (Commercial) Directed/DP by RC Walker

-Key Grip

Limerick Studios "Charlotte Independence TV Spot" 2014 (Commercial) 


"Veterans PTSD PSA"

2014 (Commercial) Directed by Thomas Blackburn


Joe Teti (Dual Survival) "Pistol and M4  Instructional DVD"

 2014 (DVD) Directed by Josh Swope

-1st AC/ Camera 3

Elevation Church "Wake up the Wonder" 

2014 (Live Recording) Directed by Steven Lester

-Grip/ Dolly Grip

K2 Productions "IBM Red Cell"

 2014 (Interviews) Directed/DP by Brent Christy

- 1st AC

INSP  "House of the Righteous" 

2014 (Short) Directed by Thomas Torrey, DP - Reynaldo Villalobos

-Behind the Scenes Producer

INSP  "Ricky Skaggs Interview"

2014 (Interview) Directed by Thomas Torrey

-Second Shooter/GRIP

John Mark McMillan "Love At the End" (Official Music Video)

 2014 (Music Video) Directed by Jared Hogan, Eric Hurtgen and Blake Edwards

-Production Assistant, First/Second AC

INSP "Who I Want To Be (A Moment of Truth)"

2014 (Short) Directed by Thomas Torrey

- Production Assistant/GRIP

INSP "Sandcastle"

2013 (Short) Directed by Thomas Torrey

- Second AC/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "Comporium | Comfort & Joy"

 2013 (Feature) Directed by Bernardo Marentes

-Production Assistant/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "Jonathan Martin | Prototype" 

2013 Directed by Jacob Lewis

-Production Assistant/GRIP

Elevation Church "Crash The Chatter Box"

 2013 Directed by Steven Lester

-Production Assistant/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "Epicenter Promo" 

2013 Directed by Susie Films

-Production Assistant/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "Food Lion Corporate Training" 

2013 Directed By Caravan Cinema Co.

-Production Assistant/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "NewSpring Stories" 

2013 Directed by NewSpring Church

-Production Assistant/GRIP