productions to date.


Kwanza Jones "Blah-Zey"

2017 (Music Video) Director/DP - Justin Quick

Role: 1st AC/Cam Op

The Refuge "Son For A Son" 

2016 (Short Narrative) Director - David Whitlow

DP - Brent Christy

Role: 2nd AC


Directors Ben Sliker & Matthew Bumby

2016 (Short Narrative) DP - Brent Christy

Role: 1st AC

La Storia Productions "Hendrick Motor Sports, Randy Dorton Engine Builder Showdown"

2016 (Live Event) DP - RC Walker

Role: 1st AC/Relief Cam

Caravan Cinema Co. "Outcast BTS" 

2016 (Interviews/BTS) DP - Bernardo Marentes

Role: Grip and Camera Assistant

Carolina Productions "FOX Sports, Race Hub. Matt Tifft Interview"

2016 (Interview) Director/DP - Dave Svenson

Role: Camera Assistant

Chatham Light Media "Pat Mccrory RGA Charlotte"

2016 (Political Spot) Directed by Doug McAuliffe

Role: PA/Grip

"Making Friends"

2016 (Short) Directed by David Sniadecki

Role: DP/ Colorist

Caravan Cinema Co. "J.Cole Concert, ft. Big Sean. Special Guests Drake & Jay Z"

2015 (Live recording) Director - Scott Lazes

Role: JIB (Crane) 1st AC  

Caravan Cinema Co."Socialtopias Opener"

2014 (Promo) Directed by Jon Muedder/Bernardo Marentes

Role: Grip

La Storia "Compact Power Commercial Video Campaign" 

2014 (Commercial) Directed/DP by RC Walker

Role: Key Grip

Limerick Studios "Charlotte Independence TV Spot" 2014 (Commercial) 

Role: Editor/Colorist

"Veterans PTSD PSA"

2014 (Commercial) Directed by Thomas Blackburn

Role: Grip

Joe Teti (Dual Survival) "Pistol and M4  Instructional DVD"

 2014 (DVD) Directed by Josh Swope

Role: 1st AC/ Camera 3

Elevation Church "Wake up the Wonder" 

2014 (Live Recording) Directed by Steven Lester

Role: Grip/ Dolly Grip

K2 Productions "IBM Red Cell"

 2014 (Interviews) Directed/DP by Brent Christy

Role: 1st AC

INSP  "House of the Righteous" 

2014 (Short) Directed by Thomas Torrey, DP - Reynaldo Villalobos

Role: Behind the Scenes Producer

INSP  "Ricky Skaggs Interview"

2014 (Interview) Directed by Thomas Torrey

Role: Second Shooter/GRIP

John Mark McMillan "Love At the End" (Official Music Video)

 2014 (Music Video) Directed by Jared Hogan, Eric Hurtgen and Blake Edwards

Role: Production Assistant

INSP "Who I Want To Be (A Moment of Truth)"

2014 (Short) Directed by Thomas Torrey

Role: Production Assistant/GRIP

INSP "Sandcastle"

2013 (Short) Directed by Thomas Torrey

Role: Second AC/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "Comporium | Comfort & Joy"

 2013 (Feature) Directed by Bernardo Marentes

Role: Production Assistant/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "Jonathan Martin | Prototype" 

2013 Directed by Jacob Lewis

Role: Production Assistant/GRIP

Elevation Church "Crash The Chatter Box"

 2013 Directed by Steven Lester

Role: Production Assistant/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "Epicenter Promo" 

2013 Directed by Susie Films

Role:Production Assistant/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "Food Lion Corporate Training" 

2013 Directed By Caravan Cinema Co.

Role: Production Assistant/GRIP

Caravan Cinema Co. "NewSpring Stories" 

2013 Directed by NewSpring Church

Role: Production Assistant/GRIP